Bandits Foiled When Hampton Woman Grabs Pistol In 1931

The Hastings Gazette, February 20, 1931

The prompt and vigorous resistance of a Hampton woman, Mrs.Paul Gores, wife of the proprietor of the Cozy Corner cafe, saved that establishment from a hold-up last Thursday night and almost placed town bandits in a hospital for “repairs”. 

Mrs. Gores was alone in the front  of the cafe- her husband being engaged with some task in the basement – when the two hold-up men drove up to the restaurant in a large Hudson sedan. They first requested some cigarettes, then asked for two bottles of pop. As Mrs. Gores turned to comply with the second request, one of the bandits pointed a revolver at her and ordered her to put her hands up.

Instead of obeying the order, Mrs. Gores, although frightened into emitting a stifled scream, darted into an adjoining room where a revolver was kept handy for such emergencies. Her unwelcome callers became alarmed at her action  and fled. As she reached the door of the cafe the bandits’ car whiled into the road and roared away at high speed. Mrs. Gores fired five shots after the vehicle and was confident that at least one of the bullets struck the car but apparently it failed to inflict any damage.