Fierce Conflagration Ravages Village Of New Trier In 1929

December 29, 1929

The village of New Trier, 12 miles southeast of Hastings, was virtually wiped out Tuesday morning by disastrous conflagration that started, presumably in the H. J. Frandrup dance hall and spread, with incredible rapidity, to three adjoining structures, all of which were burned to the ground despite the heroic efforts of volunteer fire-firefighters to check the raging flames.

The four buildings, which were devoured by the flames, comprised the main business section of New Trier, a village of approximately 100 inhabitants. The Frandrup dance hall and soft drink parlor, the C. E. Peine general store and post office, the residence of Mrs. Susan Lisenfelser, and the residence of the J. M. Ficker family were the structures razed by the flames.