School Baseball Team Has Professional Prospects In 1967


The Hastings Star Gazette, April 1, 1982

Three sets of brothers were among the baseball players who participated during Hastings state tournament years. Pictured from left to right are Mike Hartung, Mitch Hartung, Pete Majeski, Mike Majeski, Dan Carey and Dave Carey.

The year was 1966. The coach was Gil Rynda. The team was well-rounded with a record of 23-1 for the season and had the prospects for professional baseball legends. Despite the overall talent that was touted in sports articles of the time, the team lost in a close game between Bloomington Kennedy, 2-0 in the state tournament that year.

The individual talent of two or three players was emphasized even more. Mike Hartung and Dan Carey were named to the all-tournament baseball team in 1967. Dave later played for the University of Minnestoa and went on to play professional baseball in the minor leagues as well as a short stint on the Expos big league roster. Dan signed with the New York Mets after high school. He assured that playing for a living in the minor leagues was more pressure and less fun than competing for a state title.