New Baseball Park Is Ready For Grand Opening And Play In 1941

Those in charge of completing the new baseball field have been fighting a long, hard battle with much to be done, and in spite of shortness of time now, and the long road ahead, it is almost certain that the new grandstand will be ready, the ticket booth in place, the turnstiles ready to click next Sunday afternoon when the Hastings league team takes the field against the Prairie Island Indians.  The grass infield may is admittedly rough, and the balls hit to the outfield may take sudden and unorthodox jumps because of the unevenness of the sod, but the grass is growing, and the field is completely sodded. Men who can swing a hammer with some degree of accuracy have been at a premium at the construction of the grandstand, and Mike Klein in charge, has been about driven wild by inexpert or careless work, but all in all, it show up as a good job, solid, and well built, It is expected to seat 1,400.