Oak Ridge Fire One Of City’s Worst In 1988

June 16, 1988

Residents of Oak Ridg Manor are helped aboard a TRAC bus while some share an embrace with family and friends as young people look on.

The water was shot from all directions as the blaze engulfed two wings of Oak Ridge

Manor and threatened the third. Firefighters used 1.1 million gallons of water to extinguish the four-hour fire.

Firefighters battled 94 degree temperatures and hot flames while sweat poured out of their bodies beneath protective clothing. A firefighter gets a well-deserved and much needed cooling off after battling the blaze for several hours Sunday afternoon.

Oak Ridge resident Mary Pulford gets a comforting hug from a friend at Regina Medical Center cafeteria following the fire. Though most residents escaped with just the clothes on their backs, no residents were seriously injured or killed in the fire.