1st Girl Scout Flag In City Is Presented In 1963

Thursday, February 28, 1963

Twenty members of Senior Girl Scout Troop 45, under the leadership of Mrs. Walter Johnson and Mrs. Robert Swanson, were guests of the Hastings Girl Scout Council last Thursday evening at the regular meeting of the Council held at the Guardian Angels’ school hall. Mrs. Allen Brumm, president, welcomed the girls. 

A highlight of the evening was the presentation to the Council of a Girl Scout flag by the members of former Troop 14 intermediate scouts. These girls earned the money for the flag and report that this is the only Girl Socut flag in Hastings.

The following girls contributed to the project last year (many are new members of the Senior Troop 45): Carolyn Chalres, Shelly Chezick, Katy Kane, Nancy Matz, Karen Miller, Mary Ellen Polga, Luella Tonsager, Toni Trutna and Barbara Welshons. Mrs. Frank Charles was the leader of the troop and is now a member of the Girl Scout Council. 

After the business meeting, the members of the council and their Girl Scout guests enjoyed lunch served by Mrs. Ed Sontag, Mrs. Charles Kranz, Mrs. Karl Ekman, and Mrs. B. J. Polga.