Eddy Street Monkeyshines’ Spook A Pet In 1958

July 3, 1958

A monkey named “Spook” took to the trees in the Eddy Street jungles Sunday afternoon.

He stayed there for six hours and nothing a contingent of neighbors, city firemen, youngsters and most unhelpful passersby could dream up would entice that monkey down out of the lovely stand of oaks.

Spook belongs to Frank Brabec, son of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Brabec. Frank was showing his pet to pal Mike Freed. The boys got to monkeying around and that included opening the cage to see what Spook would do. He did. Spook shinned up the side of the Willis Olson home climbed the TV-areiel found his way into one of the many tall oak trees and stayed there.

Tempting food morsels failed to lure him down. City firemen arrived with the hose. A spray of water merely sent Spook higher and into the dense leaves. Eventually people gave up. That’s when the pet solved the problem himself, retraced his steps, found his way to a banana left in his cage and the door was closed on a $50 purchase.  Eddy street is back to normal.