Graduating Class Of 1899 Featured At Alumni Association Meeting In 1949

The Hastings Gazette, May 27, 1949

Graduates of 1899.5.27.1949

This class of young men and women received their high school diplomas at Commencement exercises at Hastings High School in 1899. They were honored at  its Golden Jubilee at the annual meeting of the Hastings High School Alumni Association on June 10, 1949.

Pictured front row left to right: Louis Harrington, Jessie Strothman, Russell W. Tuttle, Genevieve Varien, Jacob Durr, Cecelia Koppes, Sherman Oaks, and John N. Then. Second row: Louis Rosenbaum, Ada Johnson, Moses Strathern, Grace Fahy, and LeRoy Harrington. Third row: Jessie Rouse, Vincent Newell, Margaret Leborious, Myra Welshone, Frank Tuttle, and Augusta Stumpf.