The Project Share Auction Committee In 2006

The Hastings Star Gazette, August 3, 2006 For the past 20 years, the Rottys and some of their friends have been putting on an annual event to help the community. The Project Share auction committee is pictured here left to right. Bob Beissel, Liz Beissel, Dubie Swanson, Melvina Rotty, John Seeger, Jim Caneff and Clarence…
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Moes Brothers Are Top Archers In 1966

The Hastings Gazette, July 21, 1966 Completion of the six-week Junior Archery program offered this year for the first time was marked last weekend by an archery tournament. Trophies went to Jim Moes, left, first prize; brother Jack Moes, center, second; and Mike Jacobsen, right, third. As many as 30 youngsters took part in the Junior…
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House Falls Off Trailer Into Ditch In 1956

The Hastings Gazette, March 29, 1956

Chimney Rock Displayed In 1956

The Hastings Gazette March 22, 1956

L. F. McNamara Family Adopts A Highway In 1991

The Hastings Star Gazette, June 20, 1991 For a Christmas gift last year, Larry McNamara’s family had a special surprise planned for him– the unveiling of a blue Adopt-A-Highway sign that had the McNamara name in it. This gift was special because the program is something he has felt so strongly about. The L.F. McNamara…
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