Pair Of Brothers Among Baseball Starters

The Hastings Gazette, May 27, 1965

Vermillion River Covered Bridge Washed Away Around 1885

    The Hastings Gazette, March 25, 1965

Bonnies Beat Dads In Annual Game In 1965

  The Hastings Gazette, March 18, 1965

Baton Group Performs For Residents Of Haven Homes In 1975

The Hastings Gazette, February 27, 1975

Kisses Abound Via Kiss-o-grams In 1989

The Hastings Star Gazette, February 16, 1989 Teresa Larson and Michelle Daniels demonstrate the affliction know as the kiss-o-gram. Kiss-o-grams were distributed Valentine‚Äôs Day by the Drama Club after selling the grams for the past week. For the price of 35 cents or four for $1, students were able to send their loved one a…
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