Hampton, 1910

This is a bird’s eye view of Hampton, MN circa 1910. The view was taken from the town elevator. (photo from the collection of the Minnesota Historical Society).

Probably Oldest Picture Of Mill In Hastings

This is an article that appeared in the Hastings Gazette on November 27, 1911. The above picture is a reproduction of a photograph in the possession of W. E. Harrington, formerly of the Rosemount vicinity, then at Pt. Douglas, but now of Minneapolis. The structure is the lineal ancestor of the present flourishing King Midas…
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Hastings String Band

This photo was submitted by Don Taplin of Hastings back in 1989. This string band was directed by Mrs. Chapin at Hastings High School. Those identified in this photo are Charles S. Lowell, class of 1891, who later became a lawyer; Ted Estergreen; Louis F. Rosenbaum, class of 1899; Mrs. Mary Chapin (formerly LeDuc), music…
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Railroad Swing Bridge Earns Spot In History

What has been called the worst navigational hazard on the entire Mississippi River by tugboat captains was the Milwaukee Railroad swing bridge built back in 1871. Over the years as river traffic increased, the sharp turn between Lock and Dam No. 2 and the bridge became increasingly difficult for river pilots. Frequently pilots could be…
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Hastings High School Graduating Class Of 1956