St. Mathias School In Hampton

Forty years after the founding of St. Mathias School in Hampton, this photograph of a sixth grade public school class in the building was taken in 1958. The students are (front row, left to right): Harold Kimmes, Carol Slinger, Mary Schwendig, Barbara Turek, Thomas Tate, Kathy Becker; (second row) Larry Holzmer, David Doffing, Rosella Beissel,…
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The Hastings Brewing Company

This article appeared in the March 4, 1982 addition of the Hastings Star Gazette. It is a recollection of Elisabeth Hjermstad’s  father and growing up on the property of the Hastings Brewing Company. The Hastings Brewing Company was begun by Adolf Kuenzel in 1902 and ended when Prohibition started in 1920. His daughter, Elisabeth Hjermstad…
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Three Images From The Devastating Flood Of 1965

The flood of 1965 was well documented in the Hastings Gazette. We found an issue here from April 8, 1965, that documented the flood. The headline reads “Flood loss sets record,” and the story reads like this: A placid creek most of the time, the Vermillion River at Hastings’ southern edge went out of its…
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How Power Poles Were Fixed In 1947

We found this photo in a folder here called “Disasters.” On the back of the photo we get a little information about the shot. The photo was taken June 28, 1947. The words “After storm” are written on the back, as are the names of the men in the image. They are Panek, Dixon and…
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Gazette Turned 100 In 1957

The history of the Hastings Gazette goes back to 1857. Here is a scan of the front page from the centennial edition.