Spring Breakers In 1991

April 4, 1991 It’s called by many names: floor hockey, boot hockey, driveway hockey or stick hockey. But by whatever names it’s called, it is still more fun than school. At least that’s the consensus of Matt Waldera, David Sherry, Jerad Samuelson, Kelly Rimpila, Kory Kohn and Josh Samuelson; a group of young hockey players…
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Rubber Band Gang In 1991

February 28, 1991 So what do you do on a snowy day off from school when you’re homework’s all done? Well, if you’re like eight Hastings Middle School students recently, and one of your friends has a large supply of rubber bands, you could find some creative purpose in fastening them together to see how…
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King And Queen Of Hearts Named In 1978

February 16, 1978 Mary McDonald and John Karpen, Valentine queen and king, danced at the Regina Nursing Home Valentine’s Day party on Tuesday. At the party, residents were entertained, refreshments were served, balloons released, many danced, and students of Hastings Montessori sang. The Montessori students also entertained at Haven Homes earlier in the day.

Boy Scout Week Honored In 1941

The Hastings Gazette, February 14, 1991

King And Queen To Be Crowned, 1966

The Hastings Gazette, February 3, 1966 Sno-Frolic royalty will be announced from among 10 senior candidates during coronation ceremonies Monday night. Pictured are queen candidates left to right Cindy Chard, Shelly Chezick, Vickie Koller, and Gerry Moen (Nancy Matz not present). King candidates, Tom Novak, Howie Nelsen, Dave Carey, Gene Molitor, and Dennis Hoffmann.