New Year’s Baby Of 1991

January 9, 1991

1912 Hastings High School Basketball Team


History Making 4-H Group In 1940

December 13, 1940

Snake Thornton Needs To Watch His Diet In 1978

February 9, 1978 Thornton, the boa constrictor, is somewhat of a pet at the Hastings Junior High School. He’s been recuperating at the owner’s (assistant Junior High Principal Leonard Schwartz) home after his usual meal of a gerbil fought back by biting Thornton and¬†inflicting a large gash in his mouth. Thornton finally swallowed the gerbil,…
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Pine Harbor Christian Academy Students Present Christmas Play In 2005

December 15, 2005 After months of practice, students at Pine Harbor Christian Academy celebrated the Christmas season with a musical entitled “Meet Me at the Manger.” Kindergartners¬†are pictured performing. They are Alyssa Olson, Leah Steding, Jasmine Callies, Alyssa Padmanabhan, Joey Merrill, Micha Walt and Andrew Hawn. Over 300 parents and friends enjoyed the performance and…
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